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Legal Support


IRM is a full-service paralegal firm that spares no measure in achieving high-end results for our clients at rates that are fair and reasonable. We are well experienced in pre-litigation investigation through on-site discovery review and organization, including on-site deposition, mediation and arbitration trial support. No matter the complexities of your case, IRM is prepared to assist your team in a successful outcome.

Working on-site or from a remote location, IRM can assist you and your clients getting what you need, without getting in the way.

Trial Support

well known for courtroom design, IRM includes critical audio visual equipment - prior to or immediately following jury selection-preparation of trial exhibits and convenient off-site war room set up and support. Support extends to court approved video clip editing based on line, page or counter designations and large-screen projections of all exhibits, video or graphics.

Case and Trial Budgeting with an Eye on Cost Management.
Timely reviews of case and Trial Costs and next-step strategy with clients.


IRM holds a Professional Investigator license (#3701206740) through the State of Michigan   We provide professional, confidential services to provide accurate and efficient results.

  • Comprehensive Background Checks 

  • Corporate Investigations 

  • Employee Theft Investigations 

  • Missing Person Cases

  • Cold Cases 

  • Criminal Defense 

  • Social Media Investigations

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