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Professional, experienced, resourceful, connected....
just a few of the terms that lead clientele to Integrated Records management

IRM is committed to strategic positioning as a high profile, professional and full-range legal and records management support service. Our corporate focus is to provide reliable solutions that meet or exceed assigned business objectives, guidelines and critical time frames of every client. 

With a well established background in litigation support, E-discovery and records managment...

IRM is ready now to focus this experience on your needs.  We are firmly committed to cost efficient technology and solutions that can leverage your success.

Putting it all together to make your case.
IRM has evolved from a solid lineage of legal support and records management services beginning at a time when professional back-up assistance was not a high profile option in legal circles.  Today, IRM brings a highly reliable and efficent resource that combines experience with leading edge technology.  

Our client base now extends across the United States.  We are prepared to deliver timely support services without growth and pace getting in the way of efficiency.  Bottom line... our clients are satisfied.  We are delivering quality results and the future holds great promise for more of the same.  Call, and let's discuss how we can help you.


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